A Distraction-Free Workspace BUILT for
"the doers"

without the hassle of constantly switching between your work apps..


All your work apps in 1-place

Seamlessly interact with your team thru all your favorite team chat, emails, calendars, and project management tools – 1-Click Away! 

Are you tired of constantly switching between your work apps?

When you’re on work mode, you’ll have many work applications open in your task bar and browser window.
             Spotting the work app you want takes few seconds of your time, and you may get distracted while doing so.
                For instance: Did you respond to a business prospect on Linkedin while trying to open slack? Read the Idea Behind Hubblu


Now Save up to 40% Time while you’re working(see results)

Increase your productivity and save up to 40% more time with a distraction-free floating hub having all your chat and collaboration apps in 1-place! 


The Incredible Benefits

Easy to use

The interface is user-friendly and lets you easily switch between apps with just one click.

ONE Master Password

Break-free from the hassle of repeatedly putting a password on each app. Now quickly login to all apps with one master password.

Distraction Free

Saves time by being a distraction-free workspace having all your work apps in one place.


Hubblu is Cross Platform Compatible and available for windows, mac, and linux platforms


Seamless Communication

interact with your team, share ideas, and communicate all the while working on your projects distraction-free.


Join your meetings

With Hubblu, you can join your meetings or start a new meeting. Just with the click of a button without having to leave hubblu


Share you work

with just the click of a button, you can share your work with your team and get on-spot feedback.

The Dark Mode

We care about your health, so we added 'Dark Mode" so that hubblu doesn't hurt your eyes. The best part? You just need 1-click to activate dark mode across all your work apps. 


Are you Ready?

Take your productivity to the next level with Hubblu. Simply click the button below to enjoy distraction free workspace


Hubblu is a distraction-free workspace with all your favorite team chat, emails, calendars, and project management tools – 1-Click Away! Read the Idea Behind Hubblu

Update(June 4th 2021)
Hubblu found a new home, click here to know more

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